Top 10 Micro Job Websites To Make Money

The top 10 micro job websites mentioned and analyzed in this article are the best to make you money online. Micro job websites are websites where you get paid for any product or service you can render to people. You can also be a buyer of micro jobs and pay the seller. One of the best Making Money Ideas on the Internet today is to have different sources on income and this you can do with Micro job websites.

These top 10 Micro Job Websites provide the best platform to do to make money online. You can also get some money making ideas easily from these websites. The services and products rendered on these websites are often referred to as gigs. You can set up a gig and get multiple orders depending on how interesting you gig is and the kind of service you are rendering. You can sell any thing on these websites. You can even offer some crazy gig like singing happy birthday song for people, placing adverts on your for head, recording sound etc. You just have to be creative to make the most out of the To 10 Micro Job Websites Listed here. You can get between $ 3 to $ 100 or more per gig sold.

If you don’t have any idea of what to sell, you can visit each of the websites and look at the top rated gigs/ jobs. You can invest some money on money making books, private Label Right Articles (PLR), SEO Tools, Link Building Tools and other interesting offer that you are sure people would be interested in, then set up your gig with that.

You need to have a Paypal Account to buy or sell gig. Some of these websites now accept Payza( formerly Alert Pay).

The following are the top 10 micro job websites base on their pagerank and alexa ranking:


1. Fiverr: This website Google PageRank 5 and Alexa Rating of 184. This is the best and most visited micro job websites on the internet. All the gigs are set at $5. For any gigs sold, you would get $4

Fiver - Micro Job Website


2. Micro Workers - This is one of the topmost micro job websites with a lot of offers and tasks to complete for quick cash. It has Google Page Rank of 4 and Alexa Traffic Rank of 3,689. You can compete a lot of offers within few minutes and get some cents for offers completed.


3. Gigbucks – This is one of the Top 10 Micro Job Websites with Google PageRank 4 and Alexa Traffic Rank of 7,627. You can buy and sell gigs from $5 to $50.

Gigbucks - Micro Job Website

4. Fourerr – This is a Google Page Rank 3 and Alexa 19,900 traffic rank Micro Gig Website. This is the market place for $4. All task are done for 4dollars.

Fourerr - Micro Job Website


5. Tenbux – This is a Micro Job Website wit Google PageRank 3 and Alexa Traffic Rating of 41,026 as at the time of the compilation of this article. It is a Micro Job Website where you can charge between $5 – $20 for a job or service you are offering and can also buy a gig at that rate.

Tenbux - Micro Job Website


6. Zeerk – This is one of the Top 10 Micro Job Websites that can make you money. You can sell and buy a gig from $2 to $100 if you can package a very useful gig, you can make a lot of money. This website has Google PageRank 3 and Alex Traffic Rank of 91,618.

Zeerk - Micro Job Website


7. JustAFive: This is one of the rapidly growing Micro Gig Website with Alexa Traffic Rank of 104,627 and Google Page Rank 2. Tasks are completed from $5 to $20.

Justafive - Micro Job Website


 8. GigMe5 – This is the Market Place for $5 gigs. It is a Google Page Rank 2 Website and World Rank Traffic of 119,819 according to Alexa. All tasks are completed for $5.

Gigme5 - Micro Job Website


9. Gigtask – This is a Micro Job Website with Google Page Rank 2 and Alexa Traffic Rank of 222,914. You can complete task from $5 to $100.

gigtask - Micro Job Website


10. Jobsfor7 – This is one of the Top 10 Micro Job Websites with a lot of gigs. It has Google Page Rank of 2 and Alexa Rank of 516,258. You can complete a task for 7 dollars.

You can take this opportunity and start making money online starting now. Join all of the Top 10 Micro Job Websites and start posting your gigs for money.

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Micro Job Websites To Make Money

  1. Recently, in the last few years there has been a significant increase in the purchase of professional micro jobs services online from websites offering these services. These new websites offer a wide range of consulting activities, such as SEO, graphics, back link services, video testimonials, personal assisting, eBooks and many other micro jobs.

  2. OK here’s the thing – there ARE a couple of decent fiverr clones out there, but the majority are simply trying to do what the original fiverr did and appeal to the masses.
    The ones that will rise to the top are sites such as SEOclerks and Jacks Alive which have niched down their audience (SEO & Students respectively) and have become big fish in small ponds.

    By all means, be inspired, but put a twist on it if you want to succeed. Just my 2 cents:)

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