How To Recover, Restore and Secure Hacked WordPress Site

Recovering or Restoring of hacked WordPress blog is one of the major challenges faced by web masters and other blog and website owners. WordPress is no doubt one of the best Content Management System (CMS) available online and provides the best platform for blogging but it is however faced with security challenges. Hackers often a times gain easy access to WordPress blog and install malicious script which render the blog useless and the admin panel difficult to access. This may lead to loss of contents in the part of the blog owner.

Malicious scripts or malware are scripts that affect the original scripts of the website and make it malfunction. Recovering or restoring a hacked WordPress website is not a difficult task but requires some level of technicality which the user most be able to handle.

Signs of Hacked WordPress Site and Recovering Techniques

The following are signs that your WordPress website has just been hacked and the possible solutions to recover your site.

1. Defacing Of Website: This is one of the popular trace hacker always leave on a WordPress website for the user to know that they have hacked the site. They deface the website and put a different webpage on your website with a message that site hacked by …….

Solution to Recovering Your Defaced WordPress Site:

In most the cases, the current WordPress Theme of the website has been tampered with by the hacker. You can login in to your admin dashboard and delete the theme. If you still want to use the same theme, you need to download a fresh copy of it or use the one you have download previously. If you cannot login to the dashboard, use a file client like File Zilla to access your website. If you don’t have file zilla, you can download one here.

You can get to your theme by typing your website address in the first column of the file zilla, the username and password (of your cPanel) . You can omit the port then click on connect.

After connecting, double click on public_html and also double click on WordPress content to acccess your themes’ folder, double click on the folder and locate your current them. Delete the theme and upload a fresh copy then try to access your site.


2. Access To The Dashboard Blocked : This is one of the biggest WordPress hacking problems a blog owner can face. The hackers change the password and sometimes the user name thereby locking the website owner out of his/her own website.If you are trying to log on to your dashboard and its giving you wrong username and password prompt,it is a sign that your WordPress site has just been hacked

How To Recover Hacked WordPress Site with Dashboard Username and Password Change.

You need to access your Cpanel to correct this. Login to your cPanel, Click on PHPMyAdmin in the Database Segment.

recover hacked wordpress site

After the PhpmyAdmin has finished loading in another window, click on you WordPress SQL Database from the left hand site of the screen. A window like the one below is displayed

Click on User from the list and locate username and password. Edit the username and the site email if it has been changed by the hacker. Try to login to you admin panel again and use the forget password link to request for password change. Access the email you attach to the WordPress to check the change password link.

How To Secure WordPress Site and Prevent Hacking:

1. Change the default login path – WordPress admin area is always accessed using /wp-admin, /wp-login.php. You can change this path in order to make it difficult for hacker to attack your website through the link. You can use a free WordPress plugin  Pretty Login Urls Or Custom Login and Admin Urls (CLAU)

2. Use WordPress Security Plugin – You can install some good wordpress security plugins like BulletProof Security, WordFence Security, Simple Login LockDown etc.

 3. Always Keep Your Plugin and Themes Up to date – You need to always ensure that your plugin and themes are up to date. Whenever you plugin to your dashboard and see that new updates are available, always perform update by going to the WordPress update page.

4. Hide WordPress Version – Hackers attack wordpress sites with the version. Displaying the version of your WordPress Site can make it vulnerable. To hide the version and prevent hacking through the version install this free wordpress plugin.

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