Top 3 Ways To Make Money On Internet

Are you looking for ways to make money on internet? Do you need easy Making Money Ideas? Have you tried different ways of making money on internet without any success? If your response to these questions is yes then read this article and discover the top making your money today.

Listed and explained below are the best making money ideas:


1. Setting up gigs on Micro Job Websites: You can make cool money with Micro Job Websites by setting up profitable gigs.
Micro Job Websites are websites where you get paid for any job you can do on the internet. You can get paid between 3 and 20 dollars or more for every job you complete successfully. A gig is the job you set up on these sites.
You can set up as many gigs as you can execute on these website. There are gigs on different areas. Your gig can even be singing happy birthday songs for people via the telephone, designing logos, building websites and any other thing you can do effectively well.
You want to monitor the email you used for signing up with any of the website so as to know when you have an order. If your ordered is not processed within a stipulated time based on the time you stated for the fulfilling of orders, the other would automatically be cancelled.
You need some tips and tricks to make good money with your gigs. Some of the things to do to get your gigs featured are:
i. Include Video In Your Gig: When setting up your gig, add a short video to accompany the gig. Although it is not all the Micro Job websites have this feature but you can do this on Fiverr. You need to mention Fiverr at least two times in your video so as to getting the chance of getting featured
ii. Use Catchy Headline: Don’t forget to always use catchy headline for your gig. An headline like “I will teach you how to make money online” is not captivating enough. You can use something like, “I will show you super easy ways to make money online today” is okay.
iii. Good Description: After writing your headline, you need to write a very good and well explanatory description of your gig. This will give you the chance of attracting buyers.
Some of the top micro job websites are,,, etc.
2. Sell ads space on your websites: This is another way to make money online. You can sell ads space on your website and get paid monthly. Some sites charge between 100 to 500 dollars monthly for a 300 by 250 banner ads. If you have not started generating enough traffic to attract advertisers, you can sign up for Pay Per Click advert from sites like Google, Clicksor, Infolinks etc. Traffic is the key to making money with this idea. You need to always update the content of your website, ping your blog anytime you add a new content with services like pingoat, Pingomatic etc. You also need to write and submit articles to article directories.
3. Leverage on the Services of Professional: You can make money online by leverage on successful individuals and organization. You don’t need to be a seo expert to start building links for people. You can make research online for companies offering SEO cheap then setup your own website and sell SEO services for other by adding some bucks on the real cost of the services offered by the company then take any job you receive to them for execution.
You can also join some reseller programs and make decent profit reselling for established companies. You can setup your own web hosting company by setting up reseller hosting account from hostgator, name cheap, godaddy etc.
You can also buy some information packages that teach you how to become expert in some areas of Internet Marketing. Study everything you need to study until you become an expert in it then start selling what you’ve learnt to people online.
If you can strictly follow the making money idea given in this article, you can start making money online from today.

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